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ImageDupeless Tutorial

Export/import lists of images to/from a text file

You can export/import the lists of duplicates and unlike images to/from text files. For that, select the item "Export[Import] image lists to[from] text file" in the main or contextual menu, set the type of operation (export or import), the type of list (duplicates or unlike images), the text file name, options of export/import in the opened dialog, then press the button "OK".

The text file format is the following: each line in the file corresponds to one group of duplicates or unlike images, image names are separated by a symbol selected in the dialog. If the option "use full path" is set, path to each image file rather than its name only will be written into the text file. If the option "use value of difference" is set, the value of difference of images in group will be written at the beginning of each line. If the option "process only available (on-line) files" is set, the images absent on the data medium (off-line) will be unfiled.

Export Dialog

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