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ImageDupeless Tutorial

Creation of a gallery and search of duplicates inside it

Automatic analysis of the results and deletion of all improper images.

Press the right mouse button in the left or right panes of the main window, in the opened contextual menu select the item "Mark automatically...". The user's set of rules for marking of improper duplicates will be shown in the started dialog. The dialog allows to create, to delete, to edit, to sort, to change activity status for the rules. Only active rules (marked by a red flag) will be taken into account when the algorithm is working. The maximal amount of rules in the dialog for automatic selection of images is equal to 32.

Edit rules for a choice of improper duplicates in yours own way (see the editor of rules): add new ones, correct or remove existing ones, change their order or status of activity, then press the button "Mark". During an automatic choice of improper duplicates the rules are applied one after another, and the status of the images marked earlier (for example, manually or by previous rules) does not change, and the subsequent rules do not examine them. After end of work the number of the images marked for removal will be shown in the dialog for an automatic choice. The button "Discard all marks" allows to remove all marks from the images if necessary, whereupon it is possible, having edited the rules, to start repeatedly the procedure for an automatic choice.

Mark Dialog Rule Dialog

Before removal of the images chosen automatically, you can check up visually the obtained results. For this purpose start the window for comparison of two images, turn on the option "walk through marked images" in it, walk through all the pairs containing marked images, and remove marks from the images which should not be deleted in your opinion.

To delete the marked images both from the gallery list, and from the data medium (disk), select the menu item "Tools/Delete selected images from disk" or press the tool button 10. To delete the marked images only from the gallery, keeping them on the disk, select the menu item "Tools/Delete selected images from gallery".
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