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ImageDupeless Tutorial

Creation of a gallery and search of duplicates inside it

Looking through the results and deletion of all improper images.

The sense of the stage is the following: you should look through the candidates of similar images found by the program and decide, what images should be left, and what ones should be removed. Double click on a thumbnail in the left pane or on an list element in the right pane starts a registered program for viewing the image (see options).

It is also possible to use the built-in viewer (it shows a pair of images). To start it press the button over a pair of neighbouring thumbnails or mark a pair of the images interesting for you (necessarily located in one row) and click twice the left mouse button on the blue bar to the left of the row. To select the image, click the left mouse button on it - it will be marked by a red tick in the top left corner.


To delete the concrete image, press the crosshair in the bottom left corner of the image or the key button "DELETE". To delete a group of images, at first, select them by unary clicking on the appropriate thumbnails, and then select the menu item "Tools/Delete selected images from disk" or press the tool button 10. In these cases the images will be removed both from the gallery list, and from the data medium (disk). To delete the marked images only from the gallery, keeping them on the disk, select the menu item "Tools/Delete selected images from gallery".

Delete Dialog
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