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ImageDupeless Tutorial

Comparison of a gallery with new images

Step 1: Open a gallery.

Select the menu item "File/Open gallery..." or press the tool button 2; set the required gallery file via the opened standard dialog, then press the button "Open". The list of the gallery images will be displayed on the right pane. You can make coordination of the gallery with the data source (directory on CD/HD) after its opening.

Step 2: Select a source of new images.

Select the menu item "Tools/Compare with new images" or press the tool button 7; set a type of a source of new images (another gallery or a directory on a disk) via the opened dialog; press the button "Browse" and select another gallery file or a root directory where the new images are stored, then press the button "Next".

Source Dialog

Step 3: Read the new images and compare them with the gallery.

Set the required values of parameters via the opened dialog, then press the button "Compare".

If a directory has been selected as a source of new images all the images within the directory are read out. If another gallery file has been selected new imaging data come out from there. At that the additional gallery file (source of the new images) will not be changed under further operations, and it would be desirable to refresh it after working with the main gallery has been finished. Then all the new imaged are compared with ones from the first (main) gallery. Resulting candidates of the similar images are displayed on the left pane as pairs or groups of thumbnails.


Step 4: Look and analyze results, delete all unnecessary images.

The step is similar to the steps 3 and 4 of the previous section, except for the following: an image will be deleted from the list of images (gallery file) if only it belongs to the main gallery.

Step 5: Save the gallery.

Select the menu item "File/Save gallery" or press the tool button 3.

If you want to keep the gallery in a new file, select the menu item "File/Save gallery as..."; set the required path and assign a name to the new gallery via the opened standard dialog, then press the button "Save". Warning: in the mode of comparison with new images the lists of duplicates and unlike images will not be saved.
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