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ImageDupeless Tutorial

Features of working in the off-line mode

The off-line mode is switched on if some of the gallery image files are absent on the data medium (for example, they are stored on an ejected removable disk (CD) or they were deleted after creation of the gallery). Absent images are marked by the word "Off-line" in theirs bottom left corner when they are displayed in the left pane of the main window or in theirs top left corner when they are displayed in the window for comparison of two images. You will be warn about switching-on the off-line mode just after opening a gallery file if the parameter "Check accessibility of images during gallery loading or refreshing" is turned on (see options). At that it is possible to depart from permanent tracking for file status (on-line/off-line) and to mark forcedly all the image files of the gallery as off-line ones, which allows to accelerate the work if the gallery are stored on an ejected removable disk (CD).

Off-line      Off-line

There are the following features of working in the off-line mode:

  • at double clicking on a thumbnail that corresponds to the image absent on a disk the built-in viewer displaying the thumbnail and all known imaging data will be started;
  • it is impossible to work with the file "descript.ion";
  • it is impossible to examine binary equivalence for off-line files;
  • it is not recommended to refresh a gallery if all of its files are marked as off-line ones - gallery file clearing may be the result of refreshing in the off-line mode;
  • it is impossible to display thumbnails for off-line images in the left pane of the main window on condition that the gallery has been saved under the option "Store thumbnails in gallery files" switched off - if you wish to use the gallery in the off-line mode, you must turn on this option.

Off-line Viewer

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