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ImageDupeless Tutorial

User interface

The program toolbar and main menu


Tool button
Menu item


File/New gallery

Creates a new empty gallery


File/Open gallery...

Opens an existing gallery


File/Save gallery

Saves the gallery

- File/Save gallery as... Saves the gallery as a new document
- File/Export[Import] image lists to[from] text file Exports[Imports] image lists to[from] an external text file
- File/Exit Closes this application
11 View/Show gallery Shows gallery
12 View/Show duplicates Shows duplicates
13 View/Show unlike images Shows unlike images
- View/Toolbar Shows or hides the toolbar
- View/Status Bar Shows or hides the status bar
- View/Splitter Moves the splitter


Tools/Run Wizard

Runs the Wizard to make all the actions: make gallery, find duplicates, delete marked images


Tools/Create gallery

Selects a directory with images, verifies and puts them into the gallery


Tools/Find duplicates

Compares all images inside the gallery and finds similar ones


Tools/Compare with new images

Selects a directory with new images and compares them with the gallery


Tools/Refresh gallery

Refreshes the gallery: adds new images, rereads changed, removes deleted ones


Tools/Clear window of duplicates

Clears results of the last search


Tools/Clear window of unlike images

Clears user list of unlike images


Tools/Delete selected images from disk

Deletes the selected images from the disk and the gallery


Tools/Delete selected images from gallery

Deletes the selected images only from the gallery keeping them on the disk


Tools/Mark automatically

Marks automatically improper duplicates for deletion

- Tools/Options... Changes options
- Help/Contents Displays the table of contents for the on-line help


Help/About ImageDupeless...

Displays the information about this software

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