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ImageDupeless Tutorial

User interface

The Wizard

Usage of the special tool "Wizard" gives the best fit to novice users of ImageDupeless as well as those of who need carry out rapidly the whole program cycle, namely:

  • Set the root directory that contains (including its own subdirectories) all the images among of which you wish to find duplicates or similar images; the program will scan it and make its own list of image files with auxiliary data essential for search. Further we will name such list as gallery, it can be saved in a separate file and you can work on it independently on source images. This is one of the longest stages of the program cycle. For a gallery (2.5Gb, 22.000 images) it should take about 30-40 minutes at 1800 MHz CPU clock. For more details see here.
  • Set the level of difference of images (at relative rates) and run the procedure for search of duplicates. It is more rapid procedure if, certainly, your gallery contains less than 50000 images (so, the search should take about 2-5 minutes for the gallery from the previous paragraph). As a result of the procedure you will get an obvious and handy list of thumbnails for found duplicates. Each its row will contain a pair (or a group) of similar images, the groups will be sorted in ascending order of the relative difference level. The list of duplicates can also be saved in order that you do not spend time for repeated search later. For more details see here.
  • Run the special automatic finder of improper images in the groups of duplicates that marks such images by the special tick, you can easily look through and delete them with one mouse button click. It is convenient that you can set the criteria by defining the special rules according to that the program will mark the improper images. This automatic tool gives the best fit to the users with huge galleries that contain thousands duplicates. If the program found several dozens of duplicates you may skip this step and proceed to the next one right away. For more details see here.
  • Look through the found duplicates and mark the improper images by hand. In the application there is a special dialog for detailed look of duplicates. The dialog displays a pair of similar images and has handy, obvious, and effective interface for manipulation with them. With one click you can rename, move an image, replace one of them by another, delete right away or mark for further deletion one image in a pair, pass to the next pair of duplicates. This window shows not only images, but also their general parameters that help you to decide which one of them should be deleted. For more details see here.

To run the Wizard press the tool button 4 or select the menu item "Tools/Run Wizard".

Operations performed by the Wizard are subdivided into four steps.

Step 1 - Creation of the gallery

To create the gallery please set a root dirrectory with the images. Press the button "Next >>" on the Wizard and set the root directory of the created gallery via the opened standard dialog. Press the button "OK". In the next dialog set a value of the parameter "Show images" and press the button "Start". The procedure of gallery creation will be run. For more details see also here.


Step 2 - Search of the similar images

To find the similar images please set the maximum value of their difference level. Press the button "Next >>" on the Wizard and set the given value via the opened dialog. Press the button "Compare". The procedure of finding similar images will be run. For more details see here.


Step 3 - Automatic marking the improper images

Optionally you can use the special tool to mark automatically improper images for further deletion. At that you can define your own rules to search for the improper images. Press the button "Next >>" on the Wizard, edit rules for marking of improper duplicates via the opened dialog at own discretion: add new rules, correct or remove existing ones, change their order or status of activity, then press the button "Mark". The images chosen for removal according to the specified rules will be marked by the red tick in the top left corner. This step may be skipped. For that press the button "Skip" on the Wizard. For more details see here.


Step 4 - Marking and deletion of the improper images

Then you can look through the obtained results, mark the improper images for deletion by hand or delete those of marked by the program. To look through the images press the button "Next >>" on the Wizard, in the opened window turn on the option "walk through marked images", walk through all the pairs containing marked images, discard the marks from the images which should not be deleted and mark the improper images in your opinion. If you wish to delete immediately the images automatically marked during the previous step, then press the button "Skip" on the Wizard.

After the end of work with the Wizard please select the menu item "Tools/Delete selected images from disk" or press the tool button 10 to delete the marked images both from the gallery list, and from the data medium (disk). To delete the marked images only from the gallery, keeping them on the disk, select the menu item "Tools/Delete selected images from gallery". For more details see here.


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