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The program ImageDupeless is intended for search/find of the similar images (duplicates) in the large collections. The supported graphic file formats are JPEG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIFF, PGM, WMF, EMF, EPS, PSD, ICO. The comparison is based on the contents of images, not depending on their sizes, formats, resolutions, etc. There are advanced opportunities of cataloging the galleries available on CDs and of further off-line work with them. At that the comparison of new images with those of included into the gallery takes much less time, than complete rescanning the gallery, and is possible even if the CD itself with imaging data is absent. There are internal facilities for comparison, deletion (including groups of images), movement, and update of files, change of root directory binding for the gallery.


 Main features:

  • it is possible to store optionally thumbnails of the images and to work in the off-line mode;
  • it is possible to compare a gallery with new images without its rescanning and even if source gallery images are absent (only the gallery file is used) and to compare a gallery with another one;
  • it is possible to find the images similar to the given one in the gallery;
  • it is possible to store results of search of duplicates;
  • it is possible to refresh quickly a gallery, bringing it to conformity with files on a disk without their recurring reading (including refresh after moving the gallery to new directory (or disk));
  • it is possible to set the user-defined list of unlike images (for example, when you do not want to delete some of the very similar pairs and do not want to see them again in the list of found duplicates after following comparison);
  • it is possible to mark improper duplicates for further removal automatically according to user-defined conditions;
  • obvious and user-friendly representation of duplicate search results;
  • it is possible to vary "performance/convenience" ratio by changing parameters;
  • it is possible to work with descriptions of available images from the file "descript.ion";
  • it is possible to export/import the lists of duplicates and unlike images to/from an external text file;
  • it is possible to merge series of images;
  • high speed of gallery creation and finding the duplicates in it.

Last awards:NEW

ImageDupeless at

Out software has been awarded with 'CLEAN SOFT' Award based on "" rating guidelines. Review page.

The editors of "" award our program as the best in its class and publish a short review about us "ImageDupeless 1.6.3 Say "No" to Duplicates!".

**** OK, I’ll tell you what would really work for finding duplicates in large collections of images: that would be the program named ImageDupeless. However, it wouldn’t be fair enough to call ImageDupeless a mere duplicate finder, for it is packed with much wider capabilities. ****

What's new:

Spanish version 1.6.3

The ImageDupeless Spanish version 1.6.3 has been released.

Version 1.6.3

The ImageDupeless version 1.6.3 has been released.

Modified the algorithms for finding the duplicates and creating their list. As a result run time for these operations was reduced 2-5 times when working with huge galleries.

Changed shareware restrictions of the program. Multiplied by four the maximum size of the gallery in the unregistered trial version (4000 images). Added the thumbnails "Evaluation version".

Added four predefined templates to specify the concept of 'series' in the dialog for merging series of images. They allow to automatically recognize series of images in most cases.

Added new options to increase program stability, added new rule in the dialog for automatic marking the improper duplicates, made changes in the main window, in the window for comparison of two images, in the dialog for editing values of program parameters.

Fixed bugs detected since the previous version has been released.

More detail about changes - see the page "News".

How to register:

ImageDupeless is available in English for $29.95 US or €24.95 EU, upgrades free.

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More detail about registration - see the page "Registration".

Limitations of the free version:

The ImageDupeless unregistered trial version is feature limited:

  • 30-day trial period;
  • The gallery size is restricted by 4000 images;
  • Working with only the first pair of thumbnails in each row is possible in the duplicate pane;
  • ...

More detail - see the page "Support".

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