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How can I register?

The services allow you several different ways to purchase ImageDupeless. The quickest method is being online via the secure server with a credit card. The below forms will also give you options to purchase via Voice, Fax, or Postal Mail.

The registration fee for ImageDupeless is $29.95 US or €24.95 EU. If you want to become the registered user of ImageDupeless, it is necessary only to transfer this fee to us through the service

ORDER NOW via the ShareIt services (€EU, $US, £UK).

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How to unlock the software?

After confirmation of your payment from ShareIt we shall send you a key registration file imagedupeless.key during the working day. You should run a new version of ImageDupeless one time before registration action. After this, please open the key file (point at its name with the mouse cursor and then double-click on it). After that you will see the following message: "Information in imagedupeless.key has been successfully entered into the registry". Then run ImageDupeless and check carefully the information in the "About ImageDupeless" dialog selecting "About ImageDupeless..." from the "Help" menu. If you will find your name under the "Registered to:" string, then unlocking has passed with success.

What is registration?

The ImageDupeless is distributed as "shareware". This means that the freely distributed trial version of ImageDupeless is available to you for free evaluation. You are entitled to evaluate the software for up to 30 days without obligation to pay. After 30 days (or earlier), if you decide to continue usage of the software, you must register your copy with us for a small fee.

Unregistered ImageDupeless is a "feature limited" release. This means that some of the capabilities available in the registered software are locked in the unregistered software. The limitations are:

  • 30-day trial period;
  • The gallery size is restricted by 1000 images;
  • The window for comparison of two images has limited functionality;
  • Working with only the first pair of thumbnails in each row is possible in the duplicate pane;
  • It is not possible to compare a gallery with another one;
  • It is not possible to store the lists of found duplicates and unlike images in gallery files.

In spite of these limitations you can try out all the main features in ImageDupeless (of course, only on small galleries) to confirm that they work to your satisfaction. In fact, this is an added incentive for users to register the software rather than continue using it indefinitely without paying.

Having registered ImageDupeless, you:

  • Take an opportunity to use functions of ImageDupeless available only after registration;
  • May use free technical support and help through e-mail and the web site of ImageDupeless;
  • Take the right to use all the future versions of ImageDupeless released for the same OS in the same language as the registered user;
  • Provide us with the resources and incentive to continue development and to improve ImageDupeless, i.e. to release new versions of the program;

Visit our site or send a question to for reception of details concerning registration of ImageDupeless.

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